Thursday, December 22, 2011

Wine: The Legendry Alcoholic Beverage And Its History

Summary: Wine is considered to be one of the most expensive and historical alcohols in the world. The popular quote regarding it is, ‘the older it gets, the better it tastes’. Historically it has been related with agriculture, cuisines, civilization and humanity.  

Wine is no new word or an alcoholic beverage to the world and its history dates back to 8000 BC. Archeologically the oldest wine production took place in Georgia at around 8000 BC. Some other earliest signs of its production happen to be in Iran at around 7000 BC and Armenia at around 6000. However, the oldest signs of grape wine's production comes from Egypt (the Bronze Age), at around the third millennium BC. This beverage in all the ages has been linked with sophistication and is one of the most expensive alcoholic beverages that are yet related with royalty and ceremonial celebrations. The older the wine is, the better it tastes and the more it costs.

It is said and believed that wine was a ceremonial part of every occasion in the ancient Egypt. However, being red in color in those times, there were many superstitions related to it during the same age. However, some recent discoveries have indicated that white colored wine was also used in the ancient Egypt itself. The more you go into the depth, the more you’ll find the connection of this alcohol with royalty, ceremonies, festive seasons and celebrations and very rarely with superstition.

Alike how alcohol is produced, its cultivation from grapes as mentioned was discovered by the people of the Bronze Age in ancient Egypt. The fermentation of grapes produced this beverage. The Vitis Vinefera species was the one that was used to produce this divine beverage that even finds a mention in the Holy Bible. The Egyptians used wooden oak Barrels to store it. Those barrels were very similar to how we store these legendry and old alcoholic drinks now.

While the Egyptians were busy cultivating the Vitis Vinefera grape species to produce wine, the Romans grabbed the first place amongst the people who starting using ceramic jugs to store it. There are proofs that the Romans have had 25 years old samples of this alcoholic beverage stored with them. The oxidized form of this alcohol was very famous all across Rome; however, these people relished all the flavors and types of this beverage.

However now known that red wine is very useful in keeping your heart young and the older the beverage is, the younger it keeps your heart (however, when consumed in medicinal dozes), but without any such discovery during the ancient times, the Europeans empire to their credit brought this alcohol to the modern world. The Christian monks who took over the European empire after the fall of the Roman Egyptians can be called as the god father’s bringing this alcohol cultivation to the sight of the modern world.

To sum up, the wine cultivation till 20th century happened in Europe itself and soon after the passage of the 20th century the cultivation started spreading to Spain and southern California. However, it is Egypt that started, was and still is the leading producer of vines all over the world. Be it the red one or the white one, the dominant species are still the Vitis Vinefera grapes that are used to produce quality product with an unmatched taste.

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