Thursday, July 14, 2011

Types of Red Wine and Port Wine

Whether you are hosting an informal dinner party, a large formal event or just planning a romantic meal for two, red wine will go with just about any food. There is a huge choice of red wine available in your local liquor store or supermarket, mostly from Europe, although other regions are becoming better known, such as Australia's Hunter Valley and California's Napa Valley. Some of today's most popular red wines include Cabernet Sauvignon, with its many textures and full body; and Merlot, known for being affordable and having a fruity taste. These are by no means the only varieties and much of the fun is in experimenting.

Red Wine Varieties

Port wine is a distinctive and sweet red wine, which is made in the Douro Valley region of northern Portugal and port wine is an excellent drink to serve with dessert. Only wine produced here can officially be called port, although other similar fortified wines are produced elsewhere. Cabernet Sauvignon wines come from the famous Bordeaux area of France and get their unique soft flavor by being aged for around ten years and they are the perfect companion to cheese, dark chocolate and red meat. Pinot Noir wines are a good choice to accompany pork, lamb or fish and are known for their full taste and earth aroma. Zinfandel is known for its fruity taste and rich, dark appearance and makes a good wine to serve with spicy meals.

Shiraz has a wide variety of flavors, including blackberry, oak and licorice, as well as a full body and is a good wine to accompany many meaty dishes, such as stews, steaks and pizza. Some affordable wines that are recommended for their interesting flavors include Malbec, Rioja and Beaujolais. Malbec is a heavy red wine from Argentina, often drunk during the winter months and goes well with most meaty dishes. Rioja blends different grape varieties together and Beaujolais goes well with most foreign dishes.

Moscato wine has a sweet flavor and is low in tannins and is often regarded as a cheaper wine to be drunk at parties. Moscato wine is a fortified wine, made by adding brandy and other types of liquor before it ferments. In addition to its sweet taste, its antioxidants known as flavonoids are said to have various health benefits.

Wine Reviews at Wine Spectator

Wine Spectator is one of the most highly regarded authorities when it comes to wine reviews and the magazine has reviewed thousands of wines since being founded in 1976. The magazine hosts the Wine Experience every year, in which hundreds of different wines from around the world are tasted, although it is known for its wine reviews consisting of notes and ratings assigned by well-known wine experts. The magazine also organizes and runs the Wine Spectator Scholarship Foundation and in general, it has a big influence on which wines are drunk in restaurants around the world.

There are literally hundreds of red wines from all over the world and with varying tastes and flavors. It can take time to learn which wine to serve with which dish, but once you have mastered this, the right wine to accompany the right meal can make any occasion more memorable.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Discover The Many Varieties Of Red Wine From Around The World

Many people serve red wine when entertaining company and often as the main beverage with a meal. Many red wine varieties are grown in Europe but there are more and more being produced in places like Australia’s Hunter Valley and Napa Valley in northern California. The two most popular varieties of wine are merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Other Red Wine Varieties

Port wine comes from Portugal’s Douro Valley. This sweet wine is often served with dessert following a meal. Only fortified wine made in Portugal may be labeled Port wine. Cabernet Sauvignon is a French wine produced in Bordeaux. The delicate flavor pairs ideally with cheese, red meat and chocolate. This wine ages for a full decade to develop the full flavor. Pinot Noir should be served with meals of lamb, pork or fish. Zinfandel has a fruity flavor that pairs well with spicy foods.

Shiraz can be flavored like oak, blackberry or licorice and goes well with pizza, stew, steak and other meat dishes. Rioja, Malbec and Beaujolais are three more varieties of affordable red wine. Different grapes are blended to produce the full taste of Rioja. Malbec is a heavy Argentinian wine often consumed when the weather is cold. Beaujolais is served with many international recipes. Moscato wine may be fortified with brandy and is known for the low tannins and sweet taste. Most Muscat grape wines have increased levels of flavonoids, which are known antioxidants.

See Wine Spectator for Reliable Wine Reviews

The lifetime magazine Wine Spectator is a trusted source for red wine reviews. Respected connoisseurs from around the world provide taste reviews and wine ratings. The publication presents the annual Wine Experience where attendees participate in seminars and tastings. Many top international restaurants use recommendations by Wine Spectator to stock their own wine cellars.

Red wine is a versatile beverage and with time and experience anyone can learn how to choose the right wine to pair with any meal.

A Basic Guide to Red Wine

Red wine is a delicious beverage.  Whether you are getting together with friends or toasting at a special event, red wine is the perfect choice for cementing the occasion.  Of course, if you want an event to be more memorable, you should consider purchasing specialty wines.  Of these varieties, most come from Europe, though there are a few that originate from other countries.

The Different Versions of Red Wine

Port wine offers a more unique flavor.  Originating from Portugal, this type of wine is often served with some type of desert.   Cabernet Sauvigon can also be served with desert if you are eating dark chocolate.  Otherwise, you would serve it with meat or cheese, as it offers a somewhat savory flavor.  If you want a wine to eat with your dinner, consider Pinot Noir or Zinfandel.  Pinot Noir tastes really good with seafood and pork, while Zinfandel works well with spicier meals.

Next, there is Moscato wine.  Since it is created from Muscrat grapes, it has a very sweet taste.  It also contains different mixtures of alcohol, which accentuates its flavor.  To top everything off, this wine is rich in nutrients, ranging from flavonoids to antioxidants.

Get Reviews with Wine Spectator

The red wines mentioned are only a few samples of what is out there.  Hundreds more are available, but if you are not a wine connoisseur, you may not know which ones are worth your time.  Enter the Wine Spectator, a magazine dedicates itself to wine reviews.  Since 1976, the publication has given hundreds of reviews.  In fact, it is so popular that many restaurant owners use it as a resource for determining which wines they should use at their establishment.

In summary, the world of red wine is quite massive.  If you get overwhelmed trying to make a selection, you can get help from Wine Spectator and similar publications.