Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Basic Guide to Red Wine

Red wine is a delicious beverage.  Whether you are getting together with friends or toasting at a special event, red wine is the perfect choice for cementing the occasion.  Of course, if you want an event to be more memorable, you should consider purchasing specialty wines.  Of these varieties, most come from Europe, though there are a few that originate from other countries.

The Different Versions of Red Wine

Port wine offers a more unique flavor.  Originating from Portugal, this type of wine is often served with some type of desert.   Cabernet Sauvigon can also be served with desert if you are eating dark chocolate.  Otherwise, you would serve it with meat or cheese, as it offers a somewhat savory flavor.  If you want a wine to eat with your dinner, consider Pinot Noir or Zinfandel.  Pinot Noir tastes really good with seafood and pork, while Zinfandel works well with spicier meals.

Next, there is Moscato wine.  Since it is created from Muscrat grapes, it has a very sweet taste.  It also contains different mixtures of alcohol, which accentuates its flavor.  To top everything off, this wine is rich in nutrients, ranging from flavonoids to antioxidants.

Get Reviews with Wine Spectator

The red wines mentioned are only a few samples of what is out there.  Hundreds more are available, but if you are not a wine connoisseur, you may not know which ones are worth your time.  Enter the Wine Spectator, a magazine dedicates itself to wine reviews.  Since 1976, the publication has given hundreds of reviews.  In fact, it is so popular that many restaurant owners use it as a resource for determining which wines they should use at their establishment.

In summary, the world of red wine is quite massive.  If you get overwhelmed trying to make a selection, you can get help from Wine Spectator and similar publications.

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